Competing on analytics : the new science of winning
Title:      Competing on analytics : the new science of winning
Categories:      FSE-HOALAC
BookID:      TK/CAHL002561
Authors:      Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne G. Harris
ISBN-10(13):      9781633693722
Publisher:      Harvard Business Review Press
Publication date:      2017
Number of pages:      0
Language:      English
Rating:      4.5 
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In Competing on Analytics, Davenport and Harris explain how analytics are transforming the basis of competition in industry after industry. They show how organizations as diverse as Procter & Gamble, Capital One, CEMEX, and the Boston Red Sox are using these tools to outperform rivals, by applying analytics to finance, manufacturing, R&D, HR, and with customers and suppliers. Presenting a practical framework of the five stages of analytical competition, this book provides managers with the roadmap for becoming an analytical competitor.

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