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Books24x7 provides web-based digital technical and business reference content, containing more than 35,000+ digitized“ best-in-class” reference books, journalsresearch reports and documentation with 3collections include: ITPro, BusinessPro and EngineeringProBooks24x7s hosted web-based platform enables users to search, browseread and collaborate with vast professional “Feference ware” libraries assembled through its relationships with more than 65 of the worldtop IT and business publishers.

ProduceITPro TM

Publisher: Books24x7 Inc.


Business and   Culture (916)

Enterprise Computing (1018)

Networks   & Protocols (1025)

Certification   and Compliance (800)

Graphic   Design & Multimedia (879)

Operating   Systems (1143)

Databases   (1314)

Hardware   (333)

Oracle   Technologies (188)

Desktop &   Office Applications(480)

IBM   Technologies (908)

Programming   Languages (3309)

ReferencePoint   Suites (7)

Security   (1106)

Software   Engineering (779)

Telecommunications   (459)

Internet   & Web Development (2231)

Produce: EngineeringProTM

Publisher: Books24x7 Inc.


Chemical Engineering (216) Engineering General (106) Safety & Health (46) Sustainability (34) Telecommunications (364)

Aerospace   (214)

Environmental   Engineering (89)

Mechanical   Engineering (251)

Automotive   (49)

Food &   Colour Chemistry (3)

Nanotechnology   (79)

Bioengineering   (68)

Industrial,   Manufacturing & Operational Systems (274)

Nuclear   Engineering (12)

Civil   Engineering (263)

Marine   Engineering (41)

Optical   Engineering (73)

Computer   Tools (293)

Materials   Science (335)

Software   Engineering

Electrical   & Electronic Engineering (764)

Mathematics   (228)

Petroleum,   Mining & Geological (91)

Engineering   Licensing (23)

Physics (42)

Systems   Engineering (53)

Software   Engineering (59)


Publisher: Books24x7 Inc.


Human Resources (1102)

International Business (613)

Business Analysis (33)

Business Skills (2070)

Corporate Case Studies & Interviews (129)

Employee Training & Development(772)

Finance & Accounting (417)

Hospitality & Tourism (8)

Management & Leadership(4030)

Marketing & Sales (1413)

Project Management (610)

Quality & Manufacturing Management (577)

Social Media (204)

Sustainability (134)

Team Skills (251)

Technology in Business (504)

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