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Authors: Sang, Nguyen Van
Tien, Nguyen Minh
Khanh, Tran Binh
Dang, Nguyen Hai
Quynh, Hoang Thi
Keywords: Capstone Project
Đồ án tốt nghiệp
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: FPTU Hà Nội
Abstract: Nowadays, thanks to the development of the medicine, not only human’s health but also living quality are improving. 15 year ago, visceral surgery always made you got 15cm scar but few year ago, basing on new surgery technology- minimally invasive techniques, patients can escape from fears of this scars. Or spectacular developments from stem cell research, over 100 diseases can be cured by using this method all over the world such as Genetic diseases, the immune, Chronic diseases, cancer … However, the more developing life is the busier people becomes by jobs, family and children, we misuse on medicine (special western medicine) too much. For example, when you get fever, you regularly find: paracetamol, advil, …When you get cough, just few of clicks, you can find out tylenol, robitussin, …etc. The effective of pharmaceutical is so quick but adverse effects cannot be measured. Moreover, not only jeopardies harm to healthy, high price is a problem that users need to thinking. 4/2014 Thanh Hoa city’s Economic Police detected 1,2ton western medicine low quality, fake label, smuggled from China. 11/2014 Ha Noi Economic Crime investigate Police found over 3000 products for women and children are be faked. 8/2015 big size line of producing and consuming western medicine was arrested at HCM. We ask by ourselves that how many boxes of fake medicine and fake blister packs are selling outside? Are you asking by yourself to your family health. When you get cough, instead of searching tylenol, robistussin, why don’t you drink a cup of honey with lemons. When you get fever, why don’t you find eclipta prostrata, comminute, then get water and drink. This remedy is very helpful with children. Cheap, easy to find, adverse effects nearly zero are strong advantages of these remedies. So, anxiety status quo of western medicine that we mentioned, why don’t you think about natural, folk, and forefathers’ experiences, think about medicinal plants and traditional remedies. Aims to health of community, we’re thinking a new system, where member can search, study about medicinal plants, remedies. More than that, they can contribute, share experiences. They also can search reliable herbal medicine store. Vietnamese herb medicine store has ability to share their remedies, also address to contact for members…
URI: http://ds.libol.fpt.edu.vn/handle/123456789/2235
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