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Title: Business Plan Homessori - Private Tutoring Service
Authors: La, Thi Cam Tu
Vu, Tieu Nguyen
Tran, Thi Mai Anh
Nguyen, Thuy Mi
Bui, Thi Xuan Quynh
Keywords: Business Plan
Private Tutoring Service
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: FPTU HCM
Abstract: Homessori is an educational consulting and private tutoring service with personalized learning path packages that represent our competitive advantage. With the concept of making a focused difference, we devised a business plan to bring Homessori into reality as an education services limited company. The business plan includes the nine following main parts. First and foremost, regarding the value proposition and innovation, Homessori aims to bring high-quality private tutoring service with educational solutions to customers and helps them solve the difficulties when sending their children to extra classes. Following up is the market identification and analysis. Overview, the global private tutoring market is increasing with a compound annual growth rate of 8.4% from 2020 to 2027. In Vietnam, the trend of parents letting their children learn with a private tutor is more potent, especially in urban areas. Therefore, Homessori will first step into the Ho Chi Minh City market for our private tutoring service. We also analyzed to find our target customer person as well as an overview of current competitors in the market. Regards to product development, the team has come up with sample tests to assess students' competencies and provide a learning pathway for students. Homessori’s main product is the private tutoring service with personalized learning pathways along educational solutions as a competitive advantage. Besides, we have built up the website to be an official channel to reach target customers. Homessori decided to choose a marketing mix strategy of 7Ps and implement a detailed marketing and sales plan in the first year of operation. The company's marketing objective is to increase target customers' brand awareness and make our target clients understand about private tutoring with a unique personalized learning pathway. In the operations and management, Homessorri applies the Holacracy model to divide the organization structure, meaning that the employees in the company can support each other's work if possible. The core team of Homessori including four members will take responsibility for some positions in the human resource allocation plan depending on each individual’s experience. We are also the co-founders of the company with an initial investment in Homessori. Homessori has been planning a five-year expansion strategy based on an assessment of current resources and capacities. The team has chosen a centralized expansion strategy that includes two types of expansion: business scale expansion and product range expansion.
URI: /handle/123456789/2901
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